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Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face the same cyber threats as large organizations but often have significantly fewer resources to defend themselves. Attackers are increasingly targeting these companies because they tend to be less secure targets. Bad actors naturally gravitate to easier targets. Don’t be an easy target!

The Osinoff Group helps safeguard your sensitive data from insider and outsider threats. We combine deep experience with world-class security solutions designed to secure your business from cybersecurity breaches. Our expert security team and proven platforms radically improve your defense against all threats.

World Class Solutions at Prices the SMB Market can Afford

The SMB market has traditionally been underserved by cybersecurity providers due to the cost of delivery. Through automation, process improvement and scale, The Osinoff Group has developed “high-value” security solutions with lower barriers to entry. For the first time, the SMB market can access industry-leading solutions at affordable pricing.

Work with us to access world-class, military grade data protection solutions to protect against the ever expanding cyber threat landscape and mitigate the damage that can be inflicted upon your business. The Osinoff Group provides the expertise, technology, and support needed to protect your organization without growing your budget or payroll.

It Could Happen to You!

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Why You Need to Care

Why You Need to Care

The U.S National Cyber Security Alliance found that 60% of small companies are out of business within six months of a cyberattack. According to the Ponemon Institute, the average price for small businesses to investigate, remediate and compensate victims after their businesses have been hacked now costs $690,000.  The cost for middle market companies is over $1 million and large companies $4 million.

Small and midsized businesses are increasingly the target of cyber attacks because they are easier targets with less sophisticated defenses.  IBM estimates that approximately 4,000 cyber attacks per day are directed at small and midsize businesses.

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Let us Help You Secure Your Critical Assets and Manage Your Cyber Risk.

  • Cyber Risk Assessments 
    • Understand your strengths and weakness and develop a priority list of remediation steps based on importance.
  • Vulnerability Penetration Assessment
    • Assess your ability to prevent an intrusion and uncover weaknesses.
  • Tabletop Exercise
    • “Real-world” simulations designed to evaluate cyber readiness and test an existing incident response plan.
  • Security Policy Review
    • Data procedures, policies and breach planning, response documentation and the gap analysis.
  • Continuous Network Security Monitoring 
    • Continuous network monitoring for comprehensive threat detection, analysis, triage, and compliance management.
  • Information Assurance 
    • Strategies that address data availability, confidentiality, and integrity controls proportionately designed to support an organization’s risk profile, budget, and objectives.
  • Cyber Insurance Risk Assessment
    • Understand your cyber insurance needs in order to properly protect against cyber risk.
  • Cyber Security Staff Augmentation (Including Virtual CISO)
    • An extensive network of cyber security specialists that possess leading industry certifications such as CISSP, CISA, CEH, GISP, CPTE, and GPEN.  Many of these people hold active security clearances.
  • Information Sharing and Analysis Solutions
    • Enable member organizations to share “cyber threat indicators” and “defensive measures” with Government entities and participating companies to better prevent and respond to cyber threats while securing legal protections as defined under the Cyber Security Information Sharing Act of 2015.
  • Incident Response and Breach Remediation
    • Includes strategy, containment, eradication, and remediation solutions supported by certified forensic teams experienced at gathering and preserving data, investigating the incident, analyzing malware, and providing expert testimony.
  • Electronic Discovery and Analytics-Enabled Investigations
    • A full array of e-discovery solutions that leverages computer science, linguistics, statistics, defensible workflow and powerful technology to quickly and cost effectively find valuable hidden patterns, insights, and relationships within a client’s data.



Your Trusted Advisor for Cybersecurity Solutions.

Learn how we can help you address your security challenges and better protect your organization’s precious data.

We are committed to helping you deploy the right strategies to protect your business against cyber attacks through curated “best of breed” solutions delivered at competitive rates.

Achieving cybersecurity readiness is increasingly difficult. The sophistication of the threats and the constant evolution of the tactics and techniques have left organizations ill-equipped to deal with these dangers. The Osinoff Group levels the playing field by providing the experience, expertise, industry intelligence and curated solutions needed to win the battle against cyber attackers.

The Osinoff Group helps:

*  Understand your current cyber security readiness posture.
*  Define appropriate mitigation strategies.
*  Continuously monitor your network for threats.
*  Ensure that you remain compliant with industry requirements.
*  Select the appropriate cyber insurance coverage to protect against cyber risks.

The Osinoff Group consists of a team of recognized cyber security industry leaders in the information security industry with specific and “real world” experience ranging from governance to IT security risk assessment, to compliance and incident response investigations. Our consultants, analysts, and engineers are certified and experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds ranging from military and defense intelligence, network security, information technology, and cyber security solutions.

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