Identify and Unlock Hidden Revenue Opportunities

Connect Business Networks, Offer New Solutions, Access Channels, and Customers, Drive Revenue

With increased competition and the speed of innovation, it imperative to explore new business possibilities and maximize every bit of value and revenue source for your business. High-performing organizations are always on the look-out for new levels of differentiation and hidden revenue opportunities. 

The Osinoff Group helps companies look at the business from a fresh perspective to find hidden business opportunities and hidden assets and optimize existing marketing and sales strategy to drive profitable growth. We will help you solve complex problems and fix underperforming assets. The goal is to increase your business’ revenue and tap into new opportunities by looking at the business from totally different paradigms.  

Sales and Business Strategy:

♦ Replace poorly-defined sales strategies with clear priorities everyone understands, outcomes everyone can measure, documented guidelines everyone can follow, and goals everyone can work toward. 

Sales and Marketing Automation:

♦ Bring qualified prospects to your sales reps by fusing personalized content with email drip campaigns and social media campaigns to capture your prospects’ attention and understand their intent.

High-Quality Lead Generation and Warm Call Transfers: 

♦ Access to over 100,000 qualified leads per day across multiple verticals, and a proprietary database of over 45+ million businesses and individual contacts.

Channel Sales and Affiliate Marketing: 

♦ Develop and implement strategies to access channel partners and affiliate marketers to dramatically broaden your exposure and reach.

Perks and Loyalty Programs:

A B2B and B2C portfolio of high-demand, high-quality, business, and consumer solutions designed to increase loyalty, grow engagement, and further monetize existing customer relationships.

Get Results You Can Count On!


Digital Marketing: Marketing in the 21st Century

Digital Marketing: Marketing in the 21st Century

Digital marketing has seen explosive innovation. Creative and novel ways to reach a target audience in the digital world is accelerating at a dizzying pace. Keeping up is daunting.

As the digital space evolves, digital marketing techniques must evolve with it. The digital marketing world, as a result, is vastly complex and will only continue to become more sophisticated in the future.

We stay up to date on these changes so you can focus on running your business. 

Initially a differentiator, digital marketing strategies are a requirement to get on the playing field. As this trend continues, it becomes less valuable to simply have a digital marketing strategy.

The real value is created by having a specifically tailored strategy, fine-tuned for your unique needs.

For small to medium-size businesses, this is an amazing opportunity to create a meaningful dialogue conversation with your customers. Your marketing strategy must embrace this dialogue and spark customer engagement. Creating content and implement chatbots optimize your sales process and allow you to leverage customer experience for revenue growth.


Let’s Help You Achieve Your Growth Goals

Lead Generation 

    • Deep expertise in pay-per-click (PPC), search engine, display and email marketing, generates over 100,000 qualified leads per day across multiple verticals, and a proprietary database of over 45+ million businesses and individual contacts.
    • Affordable, quality traffic, supported by real-time analytics.
    • Access to unique and new sources of leads.
    • Higher conversion rates and maximum ROI.

Email Drip Campaigns (Outbound Marketing)

    • We will help you develop and implement high-volume, targeted, and optimized email marketing campaign
      • Reach & Engage: Using precise targeting to find the right prospects, we will help you capture your prospect’s attention with messages that match who they are and drive revenue.
      • Nurture & Educate: We will help you grow your relationship with your audience through awareness, education, and addressing their needs.
      • Convert & Close: Well-timed calls to action based on sophisticated email sales funnel workflows that are based on where the prospect is in the buying process.

Social Media Campaigns (Inbound Marketing)

    • A robust digital presence that continually brings qualified leads to your company, with a completely customized inbound strategy.  We do so by:
        • Determining your buyer personas.
        • Defining your customer’s journey.
        • Creating tactics that support your overarching business goals

Chatbot Automation

    • Design and compose sales and conversational scripts and deploy chatbot across popular communication channels to generate leads, automate sales and customer support, and improve customer experience.
    • Automate your sales processes the right way.
      • Generate and qualify leads.
      • Provide personalized recommendations.
      • Schedule sales calls and meetings.
      • Turn boring web forms into conversations.
      • Add data to your CRM.
      • Effortlessly segment leads for your sales team
      • Connect leads with your sales reps in real-time
      • Simplify sending sales inquiries
      • Let customers call you directly from the chat widget

B2B and B2C Telemarketing Call Center Solutions

    • Advanced call center services telemarketing and outbound call center solutions.
    • Turnkey sales and marketing tools and resources.
    • Increase lead generation and conversion, customer retention, market research, and appointment setting.


A Curated Global Network of Sales and Marketing Automation Experts.

Sophisticated buyers know that no one organization is “best in class” at everything. We tend to gravitate towards a “one-stop-shop” for convenience. However, we know that we sacrifice the “best-in-class” in some areas for that convenience. 

We think there is a better way!

The Osinoff Group has developed a global and integrated network of “best of breed” providers with the convenience of a one-stop-shop model. The Osinoff Group will help you develop your sales and marketing strategy and implement that strategy through a global, curated, and integrated network of the best experts in their respective fields. You still get the conveniences of a one-stop-shop through single-point accountability, but now have access to the brightest minds and most innovative thinkers in their respective domains. 

Search engine optimization, pay-per-click purchasing, content creation, email drip campaigns, chatbot automation (the ist goes on and on) are all specialties that require deep domain expertise and real hands-on experience.  The chances of finding all of this expertise in one marketing company are unlikely. The Osinoff Group has identified this expertise for you.  



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