Your Trusted Advisor for Cybersecurity Solutions.

Learn how we can help you address your security challenges and better protect your organization’s precious data.

We are committed to helping you deploy the right strategies to protect your business against cyber attacks through curated “best of breed” solutions delivered at competitive rates.

Achieving cybersecurity readiness is increasingly difficult. The sophistication of the threats and the constant evolution of the tactics and techniques have left organizations ill-equipped to deal with these dangers. The Osinoff Group levels the playing field by providing the experience, expertise, industry intelligence and curated solutions needed to win the battle against cyber attackers.

The Osinoff Group helps:

*  Understand your current cyber security readiness posture.
*  Define appropriate mitigation strategies.
*  Continuously monitor your network for threats.
*  Ensure that you remain compliant with industry requirements.
*  Select the appropriate cyber insurance coverage to protect against cyber risks.

The Osinoff Group consists of a team of recognized cyber security industry leaders in the information security industry with specific and “real world” experience ranging from governance to IT security risk assessment, to compliance and incident response investigations. Our consultants, analysts, and engineers are certified and experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds ranging from military and defense intelligence, network security, information technology, and cyber security solutions.

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